About Us

Hi, there! My name is Lyric Haywood-Griffith and I am the owner of HoH Kitchenware™. I started this business this year, 2020, because cooking was my one of my many passions as a stay-at-home-mom & dedicated military spouse. Attending Florida International University (FIU) in Miami, Florida allowed me to observe so many types of cuisines, such as Latin, Caribbean, Mexican, and so many others. Igniting my passions in the kitchen, I knew I had an affinity for all things food. After graduating in 2017, I moved to Sanford, North Carolina and was no longer in my college dorm room. I wanted to recreate the lively foods I had gotten used to but to recreate the restaurant quality foods, I was going to need help. This is where the first idea of starting a kitchenware line first popped into my head.

 Fast forward two years, I had earned my Master’s degree online from Walden University and gotten married. In that time, I was a housewife as my husband was in the military and was serving a tour overseas. Staying home was foreign to me and I needed an outlet, especially since being in a foreign country was so new. I took to what I knew best: cooking. Again, the idea that the kitchen was my comfort zone was very apparent. I started to buy quirky gadgets here and there and would tell my family and friends about all the cool recipes I could make with them. In early July 2020, as my almost one-year old son was gaining more independence would I take the leap to start my own kitchenware line and extend my reach beyond my families and friends.

As a passionate home cook myself, here at HoH Kitchenware, I know how big of an investment a “real” kitchenware set can be. With this in mind, my company takes the time to sample, review, and assure quality on all our products which is why we are so trusted by customers and manufacturers alike. 

I spend a lot of time reviewing each product, in between taking care of my young son, to ensure my customer's needs are met.

My sole focus is to provide amazing products for your kitchen at amazing prices. I focus on items that make cooking not only enjoyable, but more efficient as well.  HoH Kitchenware believes that cooking should be fun and your products integrate into your cooking style seamless!
Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram at @HoH Kitchenware Co. or shoot me an email  at houseofhaywoodkitchenware@gmail.com or call our business phone +1 415-612-5572! Share your cool kitchen experiences with me by sending a message, writing a review or sharing a picture. I am always willing to listen and learn from my beloved customers.